Wood Burning Hot Tubs

For a Slower, More Considered Life

Goodland, a new brand dedicated to creating a line of design-forward, immersive outdoor living products, has created a wood-burning hot tub. Founded by furniture maker and designer, Craig Pearce, Goodland creates well-designed, minimalist products for cabin, cottage, or home.

The wood-burning hot tub is crafted in Canada and designed to emphasize quality and essentialism. The soaking tub is made entirely from recyclable materials, including aluminum, western red cedar, and oak. Sustainability is top of mind, and the tubs are an alternative to typical hot tubs made of non-recyclable materials that require the use of chemicals. Beyond simply a hot tub, the wood-burning tub celebrates the entirety of the experience — gathering fallen branches, cutting wood, heating the water — and the connection with nature that’s involved.

Inspired by the power of everyday rituals, each product at Goodland is conducive to slowing down and connecting with nature through stimulation of the senses and the delivery of distinct experiences. By creating a meaningful reason to pause, Goodland’s products encourage a slower, more considered life. Each object in Goodland’s line is thoughtfully created using a minimalist aesthetic and deep attention to detail. Ease of assembly, durability, and sustainability are emphasized throughout the collection.

If you go half as fast, you notice twice as much

At the intersection of good design, nature, and connection, Goodland is redefining outdoor living through experiential objects that help us bridge the connection between ourselves and nature. Goodland’s upcoming line of products includes bath accessories, an outdoor oven, and a bird feeder, set to launch in 2022.

The Wood Burning Hot Tub does not require professional setup, electrical or plumbing installation. The tub can be moved by 2-3 people and requires minor assembly which takes around 15 minutes (video)

The tub ships Curbside and will arrive between 9 and 21 days. More information on shipping and delivery.

Price: $5795

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