Lasagna a Sugo with meat sauce

I Sodi is one of the best Italian restaurant in NYC


Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you go, you will know. Hard to get a table, but it’s worth the effort. Nothing compares. The amount of care and precision put into their classic Italian dishes – this level of quality, is hard to come across NYC. Yes we know, some restaurants are struggling. But at I Sodi, a long time player in the village run by owner and chef Rita Sodi, there is no fusion, no fuss, it’s simple just like back home, where the best ingredients are always of the party, turning every bite into a delight. I Sodi focuses on the food, and only the food. Nothing else matters. And that’s what we ask of a restaurant.

The atmosphere is peaceful. A small intimate place, quiet for the most part, that won’t leave you feeling like everyone is on top of each other. You are either out, or in. The striated glass windows and doors more typical of Japanese restaurants, allows for a great deal of privacy. But once you are in, you feel as if you were in someone’s home, where everyone takes great care of you, and of the food.

Update 07/28/23 : I Sodi has moved to a bigger location on Bleecker st, accommodating up to 86 guests along with the addition of an outdoor seated garden for those warmer days. But the best of it all, is that you will now be able to reserve a table at I Sodi and finally be part of the club, and…! Have dinner past 5pm like grown ups. We welcome this move and looking forward to visit the new space.

What to order at I Sodi? Menu Highlights


First of, the 3 versions of the incredibly delicious 20 something layered lasagna. I was scared at first, by so much pasta dough. I like saucy lasagnas, the balance is important. But the pasta dough here is so fine, literally melts in your mouth, and it ended up being one of the lightest lasagnas I’ve ever had. Felt like it at least, I’m not saying its a light dish! You cannot go wrong with these, it is a must have, at least once, at I Sodi.

So meet the Lasagne A Sudo with meat sauce, Lasagna Carciofi with artichoke sauce, and Lasagna Bianca with cacio e pepe sauce. And now, let’s take a closer look into the delicate crafting and intricate details that constitute these incredible mouthwatering, out of this world where have you been when I needed you, lasagna.

Salads & Contorni

The other highlights at I Sodi are their salads and contorni, side vegetable dishes. They are all worth the price tag. Simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve. And where I come from, we say a good simple salad is proof of a fine chef. There you have it. Try the mache salad, the baby artichoke salad with parmesan and olive oil (only in season unfortunately) and any special contorni or off the menu are all a treat. Especially to balance the pasta dishes. The fried artichokes are to die for, but I wouldn’t put these in the light vegetable category!

Secondi and other highlights

Other amazing dishes include the Cacio e Pepe Spagettis, one of the best in town, the Raviolis, any pasta dishes really, and the Branzino a la Griglia. The Coniglio e Porchetta, rabbit dish is, for the fans, very refined.

Desserts and Negronis

Tiramisu and Negroni lovers, this is your place! Desserts and Cocktails, if you have room for them, are also both a treat. As well as the peaceful atmosphere.

The vibe

The West Village can be so calm and beautiful sometimes, yet can transform into a horror show on friday or saturday nights. Luckily I Sodi has your back, inviting you to shelter in their fine peaceful atmosphere, a stone throw away from all the madness. That is if you can make it past the door!

I Sodi


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Tuscan-style fare, wines & cocktails lie in store at this compact, romantic restaurant.


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