An innovative robotic furniture system to create more floor space at home

Watch the video and meet Bumblebee's high tech modular furniture system.

Who has ever dreamed of creating more space at home? Designed by former Apple and Tesla engineers for Bumblebee, this modular furniture system can store different modules such as a bed, desk, storage units on the ceiling, which can be lowered and raised as needed by voice or app control, thus disappearing into the ceiling and creating space for movement on the floor.

Image by NOISE

Bumblebee’s modular furniture system is created to change the function of a room using cubic space rather than relying solely on square footage.

The ceiling mounted grid system can support several tons of weight. Image NOISE

Built on a fabricated ceiling mounted grid, the system can hold several tons and its interface is designed to catalog the contents of storage units so that particular items can be summoned through an app. The space can thus transform from living room to home office, by ways of a bedroom according to the needs of a person, an ever changing space throughout the day.

Efficiently modular storage modules. Image NOISE

Users can instruct the system to lower the bed when they are ready to fall asleep or to raise the bed when they wake up. The system can also recognize different objects and remember where they have been placed. For example, look for a hat or an umbrella on a rainy day.

BIG’s The Smile building in Harlem. Photo Pernille and Thomas Loof

The Smile new development from BIG group is the first building in New York City to equip some of its apartments with this modular furniture system created by Bumblebee Spaces. This mixed-use residential development includes affordable housing as well as market rate rents. Located in Manhattan’s East Harlem neighborhood, the 11-story building features 163 market-priced apartments and 70 affordable apartments reserved for low- and middle-income residents.

Whether it’s moving your bed for a yoga session or quickly identifying your favorite box of pants, the Bumblebee app makes it easy to move and preview box contents.

Pre-order furniture system from Bumblebee here.

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