Unagi world’s best-designed electric scooters store now in New York with subscription service

Get an all access subscription for less than $10 a week and receive your scooter at your door, maintenance and insurance included

Electric scooter manufacturer Unagi has opened a store in NYC back in October 2020. Somehow we missed it? Hint *2020* But now that spring is here and that it is 2022, time to head outside for some fun.

The New York streetscape has indeed completely changed in 2020, with more people embracing green commuting with e-scooters, e-bikes and bicycles. Unagi’s sales in New York City quadrupled between the first and second quarter this year and sales in Q2 were up 549% compared with the same period in 2019.

A commuter’s dream, meet the beautifully designed Model One E500, a dual-motor electric scooter that combines impressive range, excellent portability, and generous top speed for cruising the streets, expediting your trip to work, and exploring new paths. Dual 250W motors provide plenty of torque for climbing hills while the powerful batteries keep you going for up to 15.5 miles. Lightweight at 26.5 lb, with a one-click folding mechanism, carrying the scooter is surprisingly easy.

Launched as a kickstarter project, it has since been successfully constructed with space-age materials including magnesium alloy, aluminum, and carbon fiber, the Model One E500 is sleek, durable, and strong. It’s also safe, with its high-brightness LED headlight, LED taillight, and horn. The lever-activated dual anti-lock brakes and friction foot brake ensure that you’ll have no problem stopping.

From the maintenance-free rubber tires to the user-replaceable batteries, the Model One E500 is designed to deliver long-lasting reliability alongside its smooth performance. When battery power is low, just plug the scooter into an AC outlet to charge it in four to five hours.

You can of course purchase scooters in the new store. Or try the brilliant Unagi subscription service. New York is one of few cities with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix, Austin, Nashville and Seattle where the company offers this service.

Get an electric scooter for less than $10 a week or $49 a month with no commitment! Both subscription plans includes the delivery of the scooter to your door, full insurance against theft or damage, and free maintenance. If anything happens to your scooter they will send you another one shortly to keep you going.

And if you need more convincing on the benefits of electric scooters vs. other commute, check out their awesome green commuter calculator. Its a no brainer!

The Unagi store is located at 135 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012.

Get your Unagi electric scooter now! If after 30 days, you love and can’t live without it, congratulations and ride on. If you don’t, just return it. No judgment. No hassles. No question asked.

Watch the Unagi electric scooter in action

Design Process

Early Sketches and Prototypes
Early sketches and prototypes
Unagi in production

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