Make beautiful 3D printed musical instruments

Upright Hexachord

This upright Hexachord was designed by MONAD Studio (Eric Goldemberg + Veronica Zalcberg) in collaboration with musician/luthier Scott F. Hall.

Piezoelectric violin

This titanium violin is entirely hollow inside, allowing the sound to travel and reverberate through its internal manifold-like geometry of tubes. It has a bell-like type of sound and is radically different from its PLA plastic solid-body predecessor. It Includes an evolved tuning system and undercarriage design, as well as architecturally/flow improved interior spaces.
The final design was tested with a prototype in plastic and then sent to print in titanium at CalRAM.

The Piezoelectric titanium violin

It is a design collaboration with musician-luthier Scott F. Hall and students from FIU Department of Architecture, and fabrication with CalRAM Inc., an additive manufacture company based in California.

‘Abyecto’ is an interactive installation that brings together architecture, design, and music through spatial performance. The piece sets up a productive ambiguity between object and environment privileging multiple readings as the removable guitar is un-docked from its intense geometrical environment in order to generate sound, only to return to the sonic mural as passive docked object. The geometry of the mural is generated by the multiplication and modification of the guitar’s profiles, extending the qualities of the object onto a larger rhythmic field of three-dimensional curves and subtle variations that resonates with the sonic ambiance of the music performance. Ultimately, the room, the mural, the guitar, the performers, and the public are involved in the shaping of a complex, collective sensorial object.

Make your own unique strat guitar

Follow these 3D printed strat guitar instructions designed by Gary A. Donahue to make your own.

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