Cooking conversion charts, metric and American

Lets say it how it is. The metric system is so much easier to use when it comes to baking. So here are handy conversions charts to simplify it all and use a kitchen scale.

Cups, Tbsp and Tsp to grams

1 Cup3/4 Cup2/3 Cup1/2 Cup1/3 Cup1/4 Cup1 Tbsp1 Tsp
Granulated Sugar224g168g154g112g70g56g14g4g
Rice & Barley208g156g143g104g65g52g13g4g
Nuts (chopped)160g120g110g80g50g40g10g3g
Whole Nuts112g84g77g56g35g28g7g2g
Oils & Butter224g168g154g112g70g56g14g4g
Syrup, Honey352g264g242g176g110g88g22g7g
Cream, yogurt240g*180g*160g*120g*80g*60g*15g*5g*
2 Tsp1 Tsp1/2 Tsp1/4 Tsp
Salt, Yeast12g6g3g2g
Baking soda8g4g2g1g
* grams = milliliters

Oven Temperatures

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