A see through standup paddle-board by LOEVA

Ever dreamt of a transparent paddle board? It is real now. LOEVA has created the ultimate SUP experience with these innovative and beautifully designed boards.

Crafted in France from a special nano-structured acrylic glass called Altuglas ShieldUp, these standup paddle boards are resistant to shock and scratches. Combining high tech with the love of this ever more embraced water sport, this brain child from obvious SUP lovers will let you see as far down the ocean as the depths will allow you to.

For those night paddles or dark ocean bottoms, a dual row of LED lights was integrated to the design of the board, able to brighten the underwater to depths of 15m. Powered by a tailored battery, its promise is a 3 full hours of ocean life and coral gazing.

The transparent board is cased in carbon, making it lightweight, easy to maneuver, and providing stability. The biometric fin generates dynamic propulsion and the fin box, leash plug and handles are made of marine anodized aluminum. A perfect balance between high tech and eye pleasing design.

We are hoping to get our hands on one before the summer. For more information visit LOEVA.

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