Leo's Concord grape sorbet and caramel soft serve ice-cream

Leo in Williamsburg has the best soft serve ice-cream, natural wines and pizzas with chill outdoor seating


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Since its summer, I will start with the addictive soft serve ice cream. Make the stop, go out of your way, travel to Williamsburg, get a soft serve ice cream from Leo’s! Flavors are seasonal, a big time favorite is the summer fig leaf/melon soft serve and it’s back! Not to be missed either, the Kabocha squash & salted caramel with toasted pumpkin seeds, olive oil and sea salt… or the grapefruit brûlée, the amazing concord grape, coconut with salted caramel and olive oil… what can I say. Delightful flavors. Enough talking just try it.

Now for the pizzas, the Clam pie pizza is always on the menu and is a highlight. Let’s talk about Leo’s sourdough bread. Unfortunately they do not sell it anymore but you can have an idea of what life used to be like when they did, by ordering the Focaccia and Ricotta appetizer. Other menu highlights include the Butter Beans, Meatballs and Caesar Salad.

As far as their selection of Natural Wines, it is fine and quirky, with an Orange wine on draft, and good Spanish, Italien and French original wines to enjoy on their great outdoor patio on a warm summer night.

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