X Carve from Inventables is the best affordable CNC laser cutter to make small furniture, decorative panels, guitar bodies and more

Effortlessly design projects with Inventables’ Easel software and bring them to life with the X-Carve CNC machine.

Easy to use with no CNC knowledge required, their Easel intuitive software helps you design and carve projects with ease.

Made with X-Carve

Make your own strat, les paul or unique original guitar body as well as acoustic treatment or decorative panels, furniture, planters, the sky is the limit. More so the 2×4 limitation of the X-Carve. But worry not, the X-Carve Pro is on it’s production way, equipped with a 4×4 work surface capable of carving full 4×8 sheets and will be shipping in April 2021.

Preorder the X-Carve pro here now at 45% off.

The X-Carve 1000mm in action


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