Marguerite de Provence

Its all about the Pastis rince and the chilled glass. This cocktail was created by my friend Alex, as a spin on a Sazerac because we had almost none of the ingredients that would constitute one! So it became a spin on a Margarita instead, with some provencal flair. After debating if we should call it a McCarren because of where we made it, we decided on Marguerite de Provence, for its Margarita inspired base with hints of the South of France. Marguerite… Margarita… you get it? Its always fun coming up with new cocktails!

What you need

+ 1 sugar cube
+ 1 shot tequila
+ 1/2 shot Orange Liquor, Cointreau or Colombier type
+ 4-5 dash orange bitters
+ Pastis
+ Orange Peel
+ Chilled glass

1. Chill a glass in the freezer for at least 5 minutes
2. Give a rinse to the glass with Pastis, to cover all the interior of the glass
3. In a shaker, crush the sugar cube with the bitters, then add tequila and orange liquor.
4. Stir it with a couple ice cubes until well chilled.
5. Pour into the chilled pastis rinsed glass.
6. Garnish with orange peels.

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