100% off the grid autonomous, self-sustainable prefab house


Prefab houses ought to be considered as a building option. They’re cost-efficient, fast to setup and easy on the environment, producing less waste and typically using sustainable materials. Their design is getting better every day with sleek aesthetics and customization available.

But even more exciting news is the emergence of sustainable prefab houses, like these Net Zero options below. Not only a thermally sealed energy-efficient home will save you tremendously on bills, but it will also help save our planet in the long run. So its time to invest in the future of our children, and if that means putting a little more upfront, it is well worth it.

Haus.me is a prefab house, and a true mobile home (or a “tiny house” as the concept has been rebranded lately). It can be placed or relocated easily and fast. It can be delivered next day from stock with zero onsite construction. It doesn’t need foundation, just a flat ground surface. This off-the-grid house doesn’t need to be connected to electricity, water, or sewage either. Water tanks, solar energy battery storage, and autonomous sewage all come with the house. No propane tanks, no firewood. Only clean energy. Off-grid solar power, water generation from air condensation, and autonomous sewage. Say goodbye to energy bills.

Haus.me has 20x less energy consumption compared to a regular house as it uses a patented windows system and vacuum insulation.

Wall insulation in haus.me is 6x higher than US Dep. of Energy recommendations for northern states and Canada. Our windows save 14x more energy than a regular double pane window.

The house’s energy efficiency is so effective that haus.me can be heated and cooled with solar power only, even in foggy and overcast climates.

This house is built with robust materials. It will not break down from bugs and will not rust. We use space-station technologies and resiliant materials to build haus.me

Carbon fiber, durable polymers, and 6-panes of guarded glass comprise the exterior surface, while comfortable natural wood is used for the interior.

We provide warranty and regular service for all items and systems in the house.

Another interesting aspect is the lease option, instead of buying the house.

Much bigger versions are planned for the near future and


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