Acai Bowl from Heaven

Late Spring, I start to have Acai Bowl cravings. There isn’t anything more satisfying for breakfast when it gets hot than this blissful mixture of fruits topped with granola. 

What you need

+ 1 Package of Pure Unsweeten Acai Puree
+ 1 Cup Greek Yogurt
+ Fresh Pineapple
+ Frozen Red berries
+ Fresh Banana
+ Honey or Almond Granola
+ Agave Sugar

Blend it…

Combine Acai puree, greek yogurt, frozen red berries, half the banana and a few slices of pineapple and blend well.

Put it all in a bowl

Top it off with the granolo, slices of fresh banana and pineapple, and drizzle with the agave sugar.

Check out these useful tips because lets face it, we don’t eat bananas often.

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